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Nancy & AmélieThe Little Things Often Mean the MostLittle Things Often Mean the Most, TheFun Fact Friday8/13/20212021.08.13
girl looking out at lakeI Can at Least Keep It SubduedI Can at Least Keep It SubduedFun Fact Friday8/6/20212021.08.06
drowning with a jumble of numbersMr. Burns SyndromeMr. Burns SyndromeBoldness in the Face of Anxiety7/25/20212021.07.25
roulette wheel with chipsThe House Always WinsHouse Always Wins, TheBoldness in the Face of Anxiety6/28/20212021.06.28
T-RexJurassic Park Comes to LifeJurassic Park Comes to LifeFun Fact Friday6/25/20212021.06.25
Mollie sitting in bluebonnetsMollie’s New PoolMollie’s New PoolSaturday Something6/12/20212021.06.12
Thomas & Amélie's wedding dayAnd That’s What CountsAnd That’s What CountsFun Fact Friday6/11/20212021.06.11
wave over San FranciscoCome Hell or High WaterCome Hell or High WaterWednesday Lift6/9/20212021.06.09
defeated, lying on bedIt Was All For Nothing…Or Was It?It Was All For Nothing…Or Was It?Boldness in the Face of Anxiety6/7/20212021.06.07
glitterPrincess GlitterpoopPrincess GlitterpoopSaturday Something5/8/20212021.05.08
rose in handsA Healthy Dose of HopeHealthy Dose of Hope, AWednesday Lift5/5/20212021.05.05
lying in flowersKeeping Hope AliveKeeping Hope AliveBoldness in the Face of Anxiety5/3/20212021.05.03
book tornadoThe Life Cycle of a Messy HouseLife Cycle of a Messy House, TheFun Fact Friday4/30/20212021.04.30
chrysalis on a purple sage branchWhat Nature is Waiting to Show YouWhat Nature is Waiting to Show YouWednesday Lift4/28/20212021.04.28
Amélie getting vaccinatedThe Fear Won’t Win OutFear Won’t Win Out, TheBoldness in the Face of Anxiety4/26/20212021.04.26
fireFire All AroundFire All AroundFun Fact Friday4/23/20212021.04.23
woman ponderingDon’t Let the Negative WinDon’t Let the Negative WinWednesday Lift4/21/20212021.04.21
hand coming out of waterBreathing UnderwaterBreathing UnderwaterBoldness in the Face of Anxiety4/12/20212021.04.12
tired cheetahAdvance PlacementAdvance PlacementFun Fact Friday4/2/20212021.04.02
That’s What Makes Us HumanThat’s What Makes Us HumanWednesday Lift3/31/20212021.03.31
friends have each other's backsWhat Friends DoWhat Friends DoFun Fact Friday3/26/20212021.03.26
try and stop me turtleThat Extra PersistenceThat Extra PersistenceWednesday Lift3/24/20212021.03.22
middle of the forest with fallen leavesA Stronger Person Because of ItStronger Person Because of It, ABoldness in the Face of Anxiety3/22/20212021.03.22
Drink Me necklaceMagic and a Bit of LuckMagic and a Bit of LuckWednesday Lift3/17/20212021.03.17
anxious in libraryJudgement is ComingJudgement is ComingBoldness in the Face of Anxiety3/15/20212021.03.15
it's a secretNot Afraid to Admit ItNot Afraid to Admit ItFun Fact Friday3/12/20212021.03.12
cat watching faucetThe One Who Gets the PrizeOne Who Gets the Prize, TheWednesday Lift3/10/20212021.03.10
all curled upThey Can’t Keep Me DownThey Can’t Keep Me DownBoldness in the Face of Anxiety3/8/20212021.03.08
underwater with eyes shutEyes Wide Shut…With Maybe a SquintEyes Wide Shut…With Maybe a SquintFun Fact Friday3/5/20212021.03.05
side close upThat I Would Be GoodThat I Would Be GoodWednesday Lift3/3/20212021.03.03
lightning boltIt Can’t Rule Over MeIt Can’t Rule Over MeBoldness in the Face of Anxiety3/1/20212021.03.01
Once upon a time...Just as ValuableJust as ValuableFun Fact Friday2/26/20212021.02.26
step with splashWith One Step and Then the NextWith One Step and Then the NextWednesday Lift2/24/20212021.02.24
COVID 19 positiveMy Experience with COVIDMy Experience with COVIDBoldness in the Face of Anxiety2/22/20212021.02.22
woman looking at icePioneer Woman…Sort ofPioneer Woman…Sort ofFun Fact Friday2/19/20212021.02.19
Snow in bathtubA Bathtub Full of SnowBathtub Full of Snow, AWednesday Lift2/17/20212021.02.17
Crouched on podiumSometimes Boldness is Showing VulnerabilitySometimes Boldness is Showing VulnerabilityBoldness in the Face of Anxiety2/15/20212021.02.15
bird tattoo with featherA Memento of My AccomplishmentMemento of My Accomplishment, AFun Fact Friday2/12/20212021.02.12
Cut Yourself Some SlackCut Yourself Some SlackWednesday Lift2/10/20212021.02.10
phoenix paintingThe Pit of Self-DoubtPit of Self-Doubt, TheBoldness in the Face of Anxiety2/8/20212021.02.08
Taking That First StepTaking That First StepFun Fact Friday2/5/20212021.02.05
Don’t Knock the KetchupDon’t Knock the KetchupWednesday Lift2/3/20212021.02.03
Even If It HurtsEven If It HurtsBoldness in the Face of Anxiety2/1/21202021.02.01
A Wonderland of SortsWonderland of Sorts, AFun Fact Friday1/29/20212021.01.29
The Words of the UnicornWords of the Unicorn, TheWednesday Lift1/27/20212021.01.27
Slipping Through the CracksSlipping Through the CracksBoldness in the Face of Anxiety1/25/20212021.01.25
Reading Wasn’t Always a Fun ThingReading Wasn’t Always a Fun ThingFun Fact Friday1/22/20212021.01.22
Room to BreatheRoom to BreatheWednesday Lift1/20/20212021.01.20
Not Gonna DrownNot Gonna DrownBoldness in the Face of Anxiety1/18/20212021.01.18
A Rose by Any Other NameRose by Any Other Name, AFun Fact Friday1/15/20212021.01.15
When the Odds Seem Stacked Against YouWhen the Odds Seem Stacked Against YouWednesday Lift1/13/20212021.01.13
Even If It Gets a Little HardEven If It Gets a Little HardBoldness in the Face of Anxiety1/11/20212021.01.11
Mad Libs: How to Hatch a Dragon EggMad Libs: How to Hatch a Dragon EggSaturday Something1/9/20212021.01.09
If I Went to Hogwarts…If I Went to Hogwarts…Fun Fact Friday1/8/20212021.01.08
Until One Day, It Will Be the SecondUntil One Day, It Will Be the SecondWednesday Lift1/6/20212021.01.06
How Do You Eat a Tablecloth?How Do You Eat a Tablecloth?Boldness in the Face of Anxiety1/4/20212021.01.04
Mad Libs: As You Like ItMad Libs: As You Like ItSaturday Something1/2/20212021.01.02
What’s in a Personality?What’s in a Personality?Fun Fact Friday1/1/20212021.01.01
Which Wolf Wins?Which Wolf Wins?Wednesday Lift12/30/20202020.12.30
Boldness in the Face of AnxietyBoldness in the Face of AnxietyBoldness in the Face of Anxiety12/28/20202020.12.28

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