What Nature is Waiting to Show You

What Nature is Waiting to Show You - chrysalis on a purple sage branch

The Texas freeze was two and a half months ago. It seems like a lifetime ago that we went twenty-three days without running water. Shortly after we got everything working again, we slowly eased back into pandemic normalcy (if that exists). My nine-year-old had fun cutting up a dead purple sage bush, and guess what he found on the branch…a chrysalis shell.

My guess is it’s left over from last year (or maybe even longer), but it was still neat to look at. We all know the butterfly analogy: A caterpillar must struggle to get out of the chrysalis to push the necessary fluid in its wings so it can fly. Our struggles are like that of the caterpillar, so don’t give up.

What Nature is Waiting to Show You - desert journey

I know it’s cliché, but there was something amazing, inspiring seeing it in my own back yard. And we never would have happened upon it had that purple sage bush never died in the freeze. So, next time you’re feeling upset or discouraged, go outside and take a walk. You never know what awesome thing nature is waiting to show you.

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