The One Who Gets the Prize

The One Who Gets the Prize - cat watching faucet

It’s no secret that the Texas storm last month was pure hell for us. Since February 15th, we’ve been “roughing it” with no running water (our plumber was able to get us a tiny bit a few days ago, though). To say it was hard would be an understatement. But yesterday, a miracle happened—our plumber got the pump working…

Yes, you read that right! After TWENTY-THREE loooooonnnnng days, we finally have water running through our pipes! First, it was a challenge getting a replacement pump, then it wouldn’t work. After some troubleshooting, our plumber figured out that the outer protective coating (basically, the paint) on the pump inadvertently “glued” one of the internal parts (this is on the manufacturer, NOT our awesome plumber). Once “freed,” the pump worked like a charm and began putting pressurized water into our house.

I can’t begin to say what a relief this is. The last month feels like a fog. I think I’m still in disbelief that this nightmare is actually over. The brain hasn’t fully come to grips with it, yet—automatic pilot has been on for so long due to mental exhaustion. My mind will settle down in time; for now, I’m playing “catch-up” with the dishes and laundry.

The One Who Gets the Prize - never give up

I never want to go through this again, but there is something this experience gave me: perseverance. It was work trying to get a household of six people to function for over three weeks without running water, but we got creative and made it work.

It made me think of my querying journey. PitMad. Endless waiting. Rejection after rejection. Not one piece of the puzzle is easy, yet we choose this path in our writing journey. And the ones who persevere, who don’t give up, are the ones who land their agent. It may not be pretty. It’s likely not quick. And it definitely pushes the limits. But you know what, it’s also 100% worth it because the one who keeps going is the one who gets the prize. Be that one.

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