The Life Cycle of a Messy House

The Life Cycle of a Messy House - book tornado

I can’t keep my house clean to save my life. I know that sounds funny coming from a perfectionist, but it’s true. I’ve tried to be neat. Believe me, I’ve tried, but every time I clean, it seems like I blink, and the mess returns.

You might say, “Seriously, girl, you’ve got four kids. Of course, you’re going to have a messy house.” That’s an awesome argument, but for it to be true, I would’ve needed to have a halfway clean house before my oldest was born. 😉

I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t grow-up in a clean house or if I’m just not a predisposed “neat freak.” But Thomas and I do have our breaking points where we’re like, “Okay, everyone, we’re going to pick-up.” And when that happens with me, watch out, because that’s where my perfectionism kicks in.

The Life Cycle of a Messy House - neat living room

I can tolerate a mess pretty well, but if we’re going to take the time to clean-up, we’re NOT going to half-ass it. The good news is when all is said and done, we end up with an awesome looking house, room, area (or whatever it is we’re concentrating on). Well…that is until the mess starts to creep back up. Then the cycle starts all over again.

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