Mollie’s New Pool

Mollie’s New Pool - Mollie sitting in bluebonnets

We adopted Mollie in July 2019 when she was two and a half months old. Our local store was selling those hard-plastic baby pools, and we purchased one to see if she’d like it. She didn’t like it; she LOVED it! So much so that by the end of summer it was cracked to the point that it couldn’t hold water.

With the pandemic in 2020, seasonal items were hit and miss. Unfortunately, the plastic pools were a casualty, and Mollie had to go without. She runs away from falling water, so sprinklers weren’t an option. But this year, we were on the lookout.

Summer items have been in stock for over a month but still no sign of those hard-plastic pools. I don’t want to get any of those flexible pools because I’m afraid her nails will puncture a hole the first time she steps in. Then Thomas found some pools specifically made for dogs online—gamechanger! They cost more but are bigger and will last for more than a single summer, so that’s a plus in our book.

We tried it out for the first time last Thursday. Come see how she likes it after going a summer without.

Day 2 (Friday) with the pool was different. True to the Corner Family, Mollie doesn’t always do things as expected…

‘Til next time!


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