And That’s What Counts

And That’s What Counts - Thomas & Amélie's wedding day

Thomas and I celebrated our anniversary last Saturday. Something you might find interesting is we married eleven months and three days after our first date. No, I wasn’t pregnant, lol—our first born didn’t come until several years later. Actually, I still had two years left of college when we said, “I do”—I was only twenty-one at the time.

We officially got engaged after dating for five weeks and six days. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend such a short period—the statistical odds were definitely stacked against us—but we happened to “bump” into each other at the right time for both of us. He had just snagged his job as an engineer, and I…well, let’s just say I was eager to escape from my parents’ controlling hands (but that’s a post for another time).

For those wondering, yes, I did graduate two years later with a business degree in Management Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin. I worked until our third son was born—I could justify two kids in daycare but not three. Our daughter completed the pack seventeen months later.

And That’s What Counts - the Corner family

And here we are today. Sometimes loud. Almost always obnoxious. But also having fun. We aren’t perfect (by a long stretch!), but who is? We love each other, and that’s what counts!

‘Til next time!


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