Fire All Around

Fire All Around - fire

I’m an August baby, so that makes me a Leo, a fire sign. But I get a double-dose here because it’s also my Chinese element. And much like the real thing, I can make your life easier…or cause some serious pain!

Only teasing. But like with any personality, there are pros and cons. I am creative, passionate, and authoritative (when I have to be). But I’m also impulsive (gasp, no!) and irritable—NEVER! (wink, wink)—especially in the morning.

Fire All Around - autumn girl

I think the funniest—or is it scariest—thing I read about fire personalities are that many suffer from insomnia, are easily overwhelmed, and have anxiety. OMG, can it get any more accurate?! So, now for the ten million dollar question: does the red hair mean anything, or is it simply just a coinkydink?

‘Til next time!


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