Even If It Gets a Little Hard

Even If It Gets a Little Hard

I put off starting a blog for a long time. One reason is I wondered if I’d be able to keep up with it (we’ll find out soon enough). Another reason is content. Would I have anything worthwhile to say? And even if I do, what if I can’t think of a topic on any given day? Moment of honesty: I actually have that worry every single week.

Sunday night comes, and I find myself staring at a blank document, trying to write something—anything—for tomorrow’s post. I want to hide under the covers and forget I even have a laptop. So much for being bold. But with a little time and a few horrid sentences, something in my brain begins to loosen.

I’m not saying what I write is good. Or easy. Or inspires anyone. But at the end of the day, I know I’ve given it my best. And I think that’s what we all need to remember. Sometimes it’s not about winning; it’s about not allowing the fear and anxiety to take over. That by itself is a victory.

Even as I’m writing these words, my inner voice is telling me that this post is a copout. I’m writing a post about writing posts? Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing…for a few reasons:

Even If It Gets a Little Hard
  1. I’m not the only person whose mind gets paralyzed because there’s a deadline
  2. I don’t give up that easily (yes, there are times I’ll throw my hands up and scream “F*** it!”)
  3. I want everyone reading this to know that it’s okay not to be perfect…the world will not end
  4. Sometimes just keeping up the habit is helpful
  5. I want you to know that I’m not going anywhere…even if it gets a little hard

With that, I’m going to end this rendition of Boldness in the Face of Anxiety. Until next Monday where the topic will be…I have no idea.

‘Til next time!


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