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The Scariest Word Ever Said to Me

Fear - girl covering eyes with her hair.

It’s been a while since I last touched base—longer than I intended. As I stated in my Finish the Race post, November is a terrible month for me to do a writing challenge—last year even more so. December wasn’t much better with on and off illnesses in the family, end-of-the-year events for every extra-curricular activity, and Christmas prep. I had hopes that come January, I’d be ready to start fresh and hit the ground running, but one word put a stop to that—biopsy.

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The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins - roulette wheel with chips

Thomas recently reminded me of a popular saying in Vegas: “The house always wins.” Basically, it means “the house” (casino owners) set up their games so the casino will always net a profit. Yes, people do win money, but the vast majority leave with their pockets substantially lighter. Would you like to know who else works in a similar fashion? Answer: Hays County, Texas.

For the record, I did ask my attorney if he’s okay with me blogging about this. His answer, “Yes, and make sure to send a link to your congressman.”

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It Was All For Nothing…Or Was It?

It Was All For Nothing…Or Was It? - defeated, lying on bed

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. It wasn’t a planned sabbatical (okay, it wasn’t actually a true sabbatical, but that’s such a cool word!), but it was something needed. Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed or overloaded, my brain shuts down, and this time around, I didn’t have the energy to restart the parts that went on a break. I’ll talk more about that another time, but I have another topic for today. Confrontation…

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Keeping Hope Alive

It’s Monday. Time for another Boldness in the Face of Anxiety post, and this one has me feeling particularly vulnerable…

Keeping Hope Alive - sad in woods with book

I’ve battled depression on and off since my teen years (although some in my family will likely deny it). It’s under control for the most part. I see a therapist regularly—btw, there is NO SHAME in admitting that—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t “flare-ups,” and the last few days have had me struggling.

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