Pioneer Woman…Sort of

Pioneer Woman…Sort of - looking at ice

We are now on day five of no running water in the house, and our supply of bottle water is quickly dwindling. Our bathtubs are filled with melted snow so we can flush the toilets, but it’s a far cry from being potable.

The roads are still too dangerous to drive on, and even if we braved them, grocery stores all over Texas (including our area) are practically bare. Not ideal to say the least. It snowed again yesterday, leaving a fresh, new layer all over our yard, and we decided to take advantage.

While Thomas worked with the boys to gather more fire wood, I got some pots and scraped off the new snow with a large spoon. The next three hours were spent collecting, melting, and boiling snow so we could have some drinking water. We filled every pitcher and jar we could find.

It was kind of surreal thinking, “This is how people did 150 years ago.” Hey, you do what you gotta do. I have to say, I am SO grateful to still have electricity—there are over three million people in Texas who don’t have that luxury. Like everything, we will get through this, but we’re ready for a new adventure.

‘Til next time!


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