Cut Yourself Some Slack

Cut Yourself Some Slack - girl on boat

So, I’ve been sick since Saturday. No, it isn’t COVID, but I do have a nasty cold and have felt miserable for the last four days.

The obvious answer is, “Get some rest and take it easy.” And if it were anyone else, I’d be telling them to do just that. But I suck at listening to myself (when I should). As Lewis Carroll says about Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), “She generally gave herself very good advice (though she very seldom followed it).” Thankfully, I have a husband who insists I do it. But while I can physically make my body rest, my mind refuses to slow down.

All I can think about is how behind I’m getting in my writing, my website, searching for agents, networking. The list goes on, and it’s overwhelming to think about it. Yes, I can still work on my laptop while lying down (actually, that’s what I’m doing right now), but most of the time my mind can’t go into the story like it normally does. My thoughts have no problem tearing itself down, though.

So, here I am: miserable, uncomfortable, and falling further behind with each passing minute. Ever feel that way? If not, I envy you. For everyone else, one of the best things we can do in a situation like this is be kind to yourself. Dang, I can’t believe I said that here. Now, I’m going to have to follow my own stinkin’ advice.

Seriously, though, if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, distracted, out-of-sorts, unable to concentrate, or, like me, under the weather, it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. Actually, it might even help you in the long run. You will get through this time, as will I.

Cut Yourself Some Slack - tea

Now, I’m going to make myself some hot tea, grab a book, and ingest someone else’s creativity since I can’t produce any of my own at the moment.

‘Til next time!


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