Magic and a Bit of Luck

Magic and a Bit of Luck - Drink Me necklace

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland fan, and one of the things Thomas gave me for my last birthday was a “Drink Me” necklace with some little, white crystals in the bottle—hey, check out the pic…there it is! It quickly became a fun staple to my wardrobe, but unbeknownst me, there was a magical discovery waiting to be made.

A few weeks after my birthday, Thomas and I were walking to the edge of our property to close the gate. This is a nightly ritual that Mollie (the dog) looks forward to with great excitement. It was dark by this time, and I looked down to see my necklace glowing!

“Oh, yeah,” Thomas said. “I forgot to mention that.”

Magic and a Bit of Luck - glowing Drink Me necklace

Okay, maybe it wasn’t an actual “magical” discovery, but it made me love the necklace all the more. It feels like magic, and since I’m not expecting an acceptance letter to Hogwarts anytime soon, I’ll take it. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I wish you luck and nice surprises on this Wednesday Lift.

‘Til next time!


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