A Wonderland of Sorts

If you couldn’t tell from my The Words of the Unicorn post, I’m a huge Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland fan.

A Wonderland of Sorts - White Rabbit

Actually, the laptop I’m typing on right now is covered with Alice stickers. Directly below my screen is a long sticker that says, “Wonderland.” I see it every time I sit down to write. It’s my inspiration. My reminder to push through the tough parts to create my own fantastical world.

While I was working on Flower in the Ash, Thomas gave me a journal that uses the words of the novel to make the lines on the page (if you scroll down, my “When in doubt…WRITE!” block shows a pic of it). It was the coolest thing! I used it to make notes for my then work in progress.

I know Wonderland seems outdated and slow-paced compared to the novels of today, but there’s something enchanting about it that draws me in. I don’t know, maybe it’s because this is where nonsense actually makes sense. Someday, I may write an Alice-inspired retelling of Lewis Carroll’s whimsical land—if the characters speak to me and demand a voice. For now, I’m giving my attention to a sixteen-year-old named Kimmie who has her own magical kingdom to discover.

‘Til next time!


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