If I Went to Hogwarts…

If I Went to Hogwarts

I would likely be sorted into Slytherin House. Wait! Don’t knock it until you know why.

While, yes, there are some less-than-desirable characteristics among the inhabitants of this magical domicile, there are also some pretty positive attributes. They’re resourceful, ambitious, leadership-driven, goal-oriented, and even loyal. Yes, loyal. Look at Snape—he was loyal to Lily Potter and Dumbledore ‘til the end.

I’d also be a unique Slytherin. For one thing, I’d be muggle-born. How do I know that? Because there’s no way either of my parents could/would yield magic. Actually, I’d likely have to hide my Hogwarts acceptance letter because I’d probably be burned at the stake if my parents ever saw it.

If I Went to Hogwarts

I am curious how my fellow Slytherins would accept me. The “bad apples” would likely never, but I could probably charm the more open-minded ones by showing them that I deserve to be at Hogwarts (and will be a valued contributor to the House). Remember that goal-oriented characteristic? When I set out to do something, I do it or die trying, lol.

Something else that will make me unique is there aren’t many INFJ’s in Slytherin. TBH, I kind of see this as a badge of honor. Remember, INFJs are known to be contradictory, so why not be in the least-likely House? I once saw this combination described as “mysterious, complex, and almost mystical.” Oh, yeah, if I wasn’t sure before, this put me over the top. Green also seems to be a good color for me.

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