The Little Things Often Mean the Most

The Little Things Often Mean the Most - Nancy & Amélie

Being that yesterday was my birthday, it seems like an appropriate time to share this next fun fact. My mother-in-law, and I have the same birthday. Yes, you read that right—we are exactly thirty years apart to the day. The running joke is Thomas better leave town if he ever forgets August 12th because he’ll be in the doghouse with both his wife and his mother. LOL!

And in case you’re wondering, no, he’s never even come close to forgetting. Quite the opposite, actually. He goes out of his way to make the day special. This year was particularly challenging because there was so much stuff going on, but even with all the chaos and exhaustion, it was still awesome for Nancy and me.

We worked around all the unavoidable events, and had a nice joint birthday celebration at home. And even though everyone in the house is vaccinated with the exception of our two youngest (because they are not yet eligible), we still took precautions because of the Delta variant. We had a shared cake, like we normally do, but instead of the traditional candles in it, we put one in a little mini-cake for each of us and blew it out that way. One guess what I wished for.

The Little Things Often Mean the Most - Amélie's birthday card

Of course, we exchanged presents, but what really got to me was the card they gave me (see the pic). It was so thoughtful and absolutely perfect! It’s funny how the little things often mean the most. I count myself lucky and couldn’t ask for a better birthday-buddy!

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