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Advance Placement - tired cheetah

I envy the person who can get up at 5AM, stretch, sit down at their computer, and write. That’s not me. Not even close. Anyone who’s seen my Twitter feed knows that. I proudly make known my need for anti-murderer juice (aka, coffee). My brain’s not fully functional until mid-morning at the earliest, which posed a bit of a problem when it came to this blog.

Readers are in different time zones, some aren’t even on this side of the world. When I first started this blog, posts weren’t going up until 5 or 6PM. That’s too late for someone six, seven, eight hours ahead of me. I had to do something, but I wasn’t magically going to become a morning person. So, I cheated…in a manner of speaking.

I’m a night owl by nature—insomniac is more like it—but I decided to use that to my advantage. You know all those articles that appear on my blog around 8:45AM (central time)? They were written the night before. (collective gasp) Yeah, I know. Shock.

Advance Placement - writing at night

It was a Godsend when I discovered the ability to schedule my posts. I can take my time writing each one out, give it to Thomas to proof, find the necessary pics, and format the page to my liking all the night before!

There. My secret’s out. Not that it’s a big deal, though. I had to find something that worked for me. And putting things up in advance first the bill.

‘Til next time!


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2 responses on “Advance Placement

  1. Lou Farrell

    I’m much like you, a bit of a night owl, which is when I get most of my writing done. However, I haven’t tried scheduling them yet. I hadn’t thought about it, but you’ve opened my eyes, and I will try it the next time I’m writing at 2 am—many thanks.

    1. Amélie Corner Post author

      Hi Lou!

      Glad I could be of help! If you’re using WordPress, the Post settings should have a “Publish” option. The default on mine is “Immediately,” but if I click on it, a calendar pops up where I can choose the date and time. Good luck! 🙂

      – Amélie

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