Flower in the Ash

About my young adult manuscript, Flower in the Ash.

With her drug-addicted, prostitute mom dead, Megan must learn how to navigate a world that’s rejected her since birth. But it won’t be easy. With little to no confidence, body image issues, and distant relatives who would rather “save her soul” than address her trauma, she doesn’t know who to trust. Her non-existent father complicates things when he suddenly shows up demanding custody but later unintentionally breaks her heart.

Blaming her shitty life on her weight, she begins misusing diet pills to get skinny and land a boyfriend—someone to love her. But Megan doesn’t realize she’s venturing down the same malignant path as her mother. If she doesn’t break free from this self-destructive cycle, she’ll lose both her dad and his family as well as any hope of learning to love herself.

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