Princess Glitterpoop

Princess Glitterpoop - glitter

I live in Texas, and I’ve been asked on Twitter if I have a Texas accent. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t hear one, but I don’t think it’s common for one to notice if they have an accent. Well, today, you get to find out because I thought I’d do something a little different and post a short video rather than a traditional article to be read. Not sure if there will be more…I guess it depends on whether people like it. Enjoy!

Psst, somebody tell me if I have an accent…

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Keeping Hope Alive

It’s Monday. Time for another Boldness in the Face of Anxiety post, and this one has me feeling particularly vulnerable…

Keeping Hope Alive - sad in woods with book

I’ve battled depression on and off since my teen years (although some in my family will likely deny it). It’s under control for the most part. I see a therapist regularly—btw, there is NO SHAME in admitting that—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t “flare-ups,” and the last few days have had me struggling.

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